We live in a world filled with amazing locations!

Some of us are privileged to see some of these, but often our only way of experiencing them is through the medium of photography, but we are restricted to seeing what the photographer focus on.

What happens behind the lens or even to the sides?

How does the feature fit in the landscape?

360° Panoramas are a great way of enhancing our experience as it enables the viewer to look all around and move through the area with a tour.

One web site that demonstrates the power of the 360° beautifully is airpano.com. It is well worth a visit.

I had the good fortune of visiting Lalibela in March 2016 and what I saw was beyond expectation so I would like to share the experience with these panoramas:

Please click the images below to view the interactive 360° panoramas…

Bete Giorgis

Bete Giorgis, Lalibala

Bete Maryam, Lalibela

Bete Maryam, Lalibela

Bete Medhane Alem, Lalibela

Bete Medhane Alem, Lalibela

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