In today’s world the Internet is a powerful method for advertising property for sale, rent or to let, but what is the best way of getting the right information to potential Customers?

Master Bedroom PlanWe all know that the written word is interpreted differently by each individual and do we really understand what 6.61m x 5.38m looks like and is the measurement into a bay or are there intrusions into the room or perhaps the room is not rectangular?

Photographs can provide a clearer understanding of the premises, but are they not like statistics in that what they reveal is interesting but what they do not reveal could be vital?

Interactive panoramas provide a way of displaying property in a way that enables the viewer to look around the rooms and get a good feel for the property.  They can see the detail such as where the doors and windows are relative to other features, if there is a fireplace and how big it is, where the light fittings are and the height of the ceiling, to name a few.

Harbour View - Master BedroomThe best way to evaluate the property is to view it, but a viewing that reveals some feature that puts the Customer off is time and money wasted and conversely the viewing that does not take place because the words and photographs do not inspire the potential Customer to request one could mean a lost sale.

Interactive panoramas were more costly to produce than words and photographs as specialist equipment and software was required, but with the evolution of the technology the hardware and software is ever more available and affordable. 

However, it is important to consider the cost of using interactive panoramas in the overall scheme. Those potential viewings that never took place because the people looking were not inspired by the words and photographs and the resulting possible lost sales will completely outweigh the investment in interactive panoramas as will the viewings that led nowhere.

Interactive panoramas are also a great way of showing prospective Customers what to expect in holiday accommodation such as Hotels and Bed and Breakfast where they can look around the property then make their booking knowing what to expect when they arrive.

360° Panoramas can also be used to measure room sizes and other features with the PaMe Application released towards the end of 2020.
PaMe comes in two variations:
PaMe Wizard is a Krpano add-on providing a ‘measure tool’ in a ‘Krpano driven’ Virtual Tour.
PaMe Light is a web based tool that allows you to just drag and drop your 360° Panoramas from your desktop.
Both versions have three methods of controlling scale: “Known distance between panoramas” (base line), “Known height” and “Known length” in the subject area. PaMe Wizard has a fourth option which is to use GNSS locations for the two Panoramas, but consumer GNSS values are not sufficiently accurate in most case so it would probably require a survey (engineering) grade unit such as supplied by Leica Geosystems and Trimble to achieve a good result with this option.
PaMe is straight forward to use with ‘on screen’ instruction and good tutorials so there is NO ‘steep learning curve’. 

The links below are to various properties and show how interactive panoramas give a flavor of the power of the information that these can provide.

Please click the images below to view the interactive 360° panoramas…

Laston House

Laston House

Harbour View

Harbour View

Farmouse B&B

Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast

Ground Floor Flat

Ground Floor Flat

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