This site has primarily been developed to relate to interactive 360° (spherical) panoramas.
Visit for information on creating panoramas and links to panorama related sites.

Interactive panoramas do not need to be restricted to the visible spectrum and can be created with thermal imaging cameras.
The problem is that thermal imaging cameras do not have sufficient resolution for automatic Image Alignment and Control Point generation.
The solution is to make two concentric panoramas, one with a digital camera and one with the thermal imaging camera, that have the same number of images with the same format, dimensions and directions and create a template from the digital camera images to use with the thermal images.
This may seem an additional task, but does have the advantage that the two panoramas can be interchanged so the viewer can switch between the thermal image and the true colour image with a single mouse click.

In this example please click the logo in the bottom right corner to switch between the two panoramas.


Thermal Imaging