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The Earth House, designed by Jake Keen, was inspired by the much larger, probably unroofed, woodhenges built around Britain, including Dorset, in Neolithic times, and in particular by three Iron Age roundhouses on the Isle of Man.  Looking from the outside the visitor cannot begin to imagine the experience of going through the impressive doorway. Inside, stout timbers support the earth covered timbered roof and concentric terraces descending to the central firepit above which the sun streams through the hole in the roof through which the smoke escapes. Benches around the terraces provide seating for some 200 people and this is an ideal venue for magical storytelling with the smoke from the central fire adding atmosphere as visitors listen to the tales of dragons and times long ago, perhaps the story of Beowulf or when dragons soared in the skies. Words alone cannot adequately describe this structure and even with a very wide angle lens it is difficult to portray its magnificence with single images.  The photograph below of story telling inside of the Earth House is a panorama created from blending four individual images, but by looking around with an interactive panorama the viewer can get a true representation of the structure, its size and the effort that must have gone into its creation.


ATC Earth House