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What was it like to live in the Iron Age? In the 1970s an Iron Age Roundouse was constructed on the Cranbourne Estate for a television program to explore such an experience.  It is by reconstructing the past that it is possible to learn hitherto hidden details of ancient life, but it is not possible for everyone to live in, or even visit such a building and experience it for themselves.  It is panoramic photography that can bring us closest to actually going inside a real Roundhouse and looking around, seeing where the people slept, what they had to cook on, the drawings on the walls and looking up to see herbs and sacks hanging from the roof, perhaps keeping grain out of the reach of rodents.  After forty years this building showed signs of decay and was demolished in 2011.  Although it is being replaced with a new Roundhouse the 360° panorama is now an historic record and enables us to still look around this amazing building.


ATC Iron Age Roundhouse