The implication is that to create 3D 360° Anaglyph Panoramas that a stereo camera or stereo camera rig is required, which usually requires a significant financial investment, but if you have a suitable panoramic head (e.g. NN3, NN6, M Series, etc.), camera and lens you can create 3D 360° Panoramas with your existing equipment.

Stourhead 3D Anaglyph

3D Anaglyphs of Stourhead

The 3D Anaglyphs at Stourhead were made using a single DSLR camera with a 10.5 mm fisheye lens.
The camera was offset to one side by 32.5 mm on a Nodal Ninja NN3 and the first round of images taken.
The horizontal bar was then rotated through 180° so that the camera was now offset by 32.5 mm to the other side and a second round of images taken giving a separation of 65 mm.
Eight shots round for each set (16 total) provided sufficient overlap to give a good stitch with PTGui.

The 3D Anaglyphs of St Mary’s Church were created in August 2009 using a single camera ahead of the NPP, a method published by Wim Koornneef.

In a post by Javi Baranano he describes the method using a single camera ahead of the NPP as ‘Rotational capture’ and “…pure illusionism, because we are going to deceive our cerebral cortex by showing two images with a different parallax”.

St Marys 3D Panorama

Stereo Anaglyph of St Mary’s Church

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