In the Dorset village of Cranborne are some extraordinary buildings including an Earth House, a Round House, a Viking Longhouse and a Roman Forge. This is the Ancient Technology Centre where visitors can take a step back in time and experience life during the various ages of our history and can learn ancient skills including the making of fire.

It is clear that the best way of experiencing these amazing structures is to visit them, but this requires access to the site as well as travelling to get there. We can use words to describe these buildings and a good word smith will conjure up images in the minds eye, but we all know from our own experiences that the images we create from someone else’s words do not always match the reality.

Images, whether photographs or drawings, will give us a much better understanding of the shape, colours and textures. It is usually relatively straight forward to acquire images of the outside or a building, but once inside we are restricted by the “field of view”. This is where 360° panoramas really do come into their own enabling the viewer to look all around the interior and see how the features and adjacent features relate.

Please click the images below to view the interactive 360° panoramas…

Viking Longhouse

The Viking Longhouse

ATC Earth House

The Earth House

ATC Iron Age Roundhouse

The Iron Age Round House

Ancient Technology Centre, Cranbourne, Dorset

Link to photographs of the Ancient Technology Centre

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