The artificially created lakes at Stourhead in the south west corner of Wiltshire are the source of the River Stour which winds its way through Dorset to the sea in Christchurch, Hampshire.
The gardens, designed by Henry Hoare II, were laid out in a classical 18th century design between 1741 and 1780 with monuments used to ‘frame’ each other with views across the lake to others offering visitors amazing panoramas.

Please click the images below to view the interactive 360° panoramas…

Stourhead - 9th January 2019

Sixteen 360° Panoramas at Stourhead in Wiltshire

Stourhead - Seasons

Stourhead ~ Four Seasons ~ Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

Stourhead in Winter

Stourhead in Winter  ~  2nd February 2018

Stourhead in Spring

Stourhead in Spring  ~  26th April 2018

Stourhead in Summer Panorama

Stourhead in Summer ~ 26th July 2018

Stourhead - Autumn Title

Stourhead in Autumn ~ 18th October 2018

Stourhead - Difference a Week Make

The difference just over a week has made at Stourhead in Spring

Stourhead October 2018

Stourhead – October 2018

Stourhead Wiltshire - 360° Panoramas

Stourhead – October 2017

Stourhead 3D Anaglyph

3D Anaglyphs of Stourhead

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