The World of Panoramic Photography are a great way to visually convey information about a place, venue, property, etc.  They are relatively straightforward to create from images from just about any camera, with the help of low cost software.  Then there are 360° panoramas where the viewer can look all around the image using simple mouse controls.  These are the next best thing to actually being on site as you can see detail that could easily be missed with single images or a verbal description.  To get the best results for these 360° panoramas does require more specialist equipment and developing new skill sets.  A step which not everyone is prepared to make, but a service I can provide as mentioned on the Home page.

I find creating panoramas rewarding and recent projects have taken me to locations that I perhaps would not have otherwise visited.  Locations can be challenging, especially where a lot of people are moving about and it is important to retain a low profile, and delivering a quality product brings its own satisfaction to the task.

It is the age of digital photography that makes panoramic photography practical, both in the creation of the panoramas and in displaying and distributing the results. Before the digital age prints were made taking care to match colours and the panorama constructed by ‘tearing’ the prints to get a fathered edge and carefully pasting the photographs together in the same way as mosaics were made from aerial photographs.  This time consuming process did not always produce a satisfactory result although there were some ingénues solutions which were usually expensive.  Today, software developed by some very clever people stitch and blends the images to provide seamless interactive panoramas and provide tools for dealing with situations such as movement between exposures.

In the mid 1970s I was looking for a way to measure rooms using photography and successfully patented an “Optic for Instantaneously Photographing an Horizon of 360°”.  At the time both the personal computer and digital photography were still “science fiction” but as these technologies developed and became available so to did the world of 360° Panoramic Photography.  Today this is a world we can utilise and enjoy without having to make a huge investment financially or in time.

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Last updated August 2019

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